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Adult Fitness

BC Rec League: Adult Volleyball 2021

Adult Volleyball League: Team / Competitive

  • Thursdays 530p-730p
  • Registration: Starts 11.8.021 and ends 11.17.21 
  • Season Starts 11.18.21 >11.24.21 (Wednesday)> 12.2.21 (Thursday) >12.9.21 (Thursday) 
  • Season Ends 12.11.21 (Tournament) 
  • Fees= $20.00 per player. ( 6 min per Team)    
  • Teams= Each team is assigned a number which we will use for scheduling
  • Officiating= Teams will be assigned games to officiate when not on the court  
  • Rules= casual  ( see link below)  
  • Schedules= Season schedules will be posted by 11.17.21. 
  • Win/Loss= Each team captain will record their team win/loss record and BCRL will update the records weekly, 
  • Player Conduct rules: NO verbal and physical abuse will be tolerated at the BC Community Center. (Violators will be dismissed from the League)
  • NOTE: Please ensure your children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a adult or sibling 12 years or older. 
( league champs get BCRL pullover)
Short Sleeve or Long sleeve?
Liability Waiver Agreement: ( please review)

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