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Youth Programs

Bent County Summer Program Survey: 

Thank your for taking a moment to help our programs by filling out this brief survey! The information you offer will be evaluated to help us improve our programs, and enable us to share with grantors how we are impacting our local children and families.  The Bent County Community Center (BCCC) youth programs are fully funded by grants and this help us stay "fee free". Your help today will help us tell our story and hopefully enable more opportunities for future support. Thank you! 

Summer Program Parent Survey: 2021

Parent Name
First Name
Last Name
How Many Children in your family attend the Program?
# of Children Attending the ASP
Is the Program a benefit to your family?
Do you feel the Program has been a positive impact on your child's wellness?
Do you think the Program has value?
Do you think the Program is an asset to Bent County youth?
Would you be willing to personally support the program by offering a donation of time or funds?
( please select an option)
If required in the future, would you be willing to pay a fee for the ASP?
Parent comments

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