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Youth Programs

This survey will help us establish the value of the Bent County ASP from our Parents perspectives. The information collected from this survey will be reviewed and shared with BCCC Staff, Bent County Commissioners, BCCC Board Members, and organizations that offer grants to program like ours. The purpose of this process is to help the BCCC staff measure areas of success, and opportunities to improve. Our focus is to meet the needs of our families, and to potentially grow in the future. Your input is critical in helping us in all these areas, and we are grateful you are willing to help us by completing the following survey. 


  1. Complete Survey questions.
  2. Add your comments if you desire. 
  3. Submit the form. 
Parent Name
First Name
Last Name
How Many Children in your family attend the BC ASP?
# of Children Attending the ASP
Is the ASP a benefit to your family?
Do you feel the ASP is helping your child?
Do you think the ASP is an asset to Bent County youth?
Do you think the BC ASP should continue to be supported by Bent County at the Community Center?
If required in the future, would you be willing to pay a fee for the ASP?
Parent comments

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