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BC Karate Club "TIGERS"

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Youth Programs

Youth Karate  ( Instructor Laura Jordan) 

Instructor Contact #: 575-420-7747

Summer Session Start May-20th.2022  (Fridays) 

*Please call the instructor with any questions or concerns about the classes.
 Laura Jordan ( Instructor Contact #: 575-420-7747). 


Green Belt

Annie Hall

Yellow/Black Belts: 

Toryn Neugebauer

Laken Neugebauer

James Linenberger

Melanie Medina

Yellow Belt:

Linus Shoup

Annabelle Varela

Caleb Dockter

Jordan Smith

Troy Ramsey

Knowledge Ramsey

Corbin Turner

Kourtney Turner

Haniah Penner

Luke Penner

James Kermode

Rose Spano

Silas Webster

Claire Webster

Talia Webster

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