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About Us

Our History & Goals for the future

The Bent County Recreation League (BCRL) has been operating as an organized entity since 2014 and received grant funding from the State of Colorado in the form of a Colorado LiveWell. The Livewell grant expired in 2017 and Bent County is now funding most of the cost to operate the BCRL. 

 In June-2018 the Bent County Recreation league board and the Bent County Community Center Board decided to consolidate their efforts so they could effectively manage the two entities. They created an initiative to merge the departments in conjunction with the formerly dissolved After School program (ASP). 

The reason for this merger was to have a single point of management and a single budget in order to affectively grow the program. In July of 2018 the boards initiated the process of hiring a new director that would have the responsibility of managing these programs. The new director was hired in July of 2018 and all three programs merged in October of 2018. A priority of this initiative was the restructuring of the After School Program (ASP) and to ensure it was safe, affective, and sustainable. As of October 2018, the after-school program; recreation Department; and the Community Center have legally been merged together as a nonprofit entity. 

In August of 2018 the average attendance in the Community Center was approximately 20 persons per day and as of October of 2018 the average has increased to approximately 95 people per day. We've also seen a steady increase in the amount of business rentals for the center and the conference room monthly. The feedback that we are receiving from the general public regarding the Community Center growth has been incredibly positive. It is our vision to continue to grow the Bent County Community Center (BCCC) in all three departments in 2019, and for the years to come. The BCCC funded primarily by Bent County, but we have a goal to find resources that will enable us to fund the growth and success several years. One of the primary sources of revenue would come from grants and we are in the process of applying for grants are in line with our goal’s, objectives, and vision. 

If we establish an effective plan for events and activities at the BCCC the general public will continue to use the Community Center as a source for gathering and socializing with others. This is already occurred on many levels which is evidenced by the number of persons entering the facility daily and during events. Therefore, it is conceivable that if we offer continued events and activities that reflect the need of the community and are in line with wellness goals for our county and State. 

The following is a list of objectives in goals that we will focus on to help promote the wellness of our community. 


  1. Encourage physical emotional and spiritual wellness. 
  2. Encourage volunteerism and giving back. 
  3. Increase cultural awareness 
  4. Offer new experiences and activities. 
  5. To maintain a safe location for the general public to meet and socialize promoting cultural awareness and unity. 
  6. Promote the arts. 

In conclusion it is our vision that the BCCC can be influential in the “healing” process of this historical community by continuing to seek activities and programs that offer “hope” in the form of physical Wellness, and PRIDE in our culturally diverse population. 

We appreciate our "Platinum" Sponsors!