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SOCCER 2024: Lamar Spring League 

Registration dates:  3.13.24-3.29.24 (Fee = $50.00) 

  1. Late Fees= Late fee will apply 4.1.24 ($60.00) (All fees must be paid to prior to be placed on a roster)
  2. Fees can be paid at the front desk of the community center.
  3. Community Center Hours: Mon-Friday (8a-730pm) Sat (9a-3pm) 
  4. Equipment Required: Soccer cleats or tennis shoes/ shin guard/ water bottle. 

League information: Lamar Rec League 

  1.  We will play 4-5 games in Lamar, with Lamar Rec league teams. (start date pending) 
  2.  All players will register with BCRL on this site, and you must fill out a paper form for Lamar Rec
  3. We will travel to Lamar for Saturday games which start around 8-9am.
  4. Shirts will be provided through BCRL. 
  5. Fee= $50.00 per player (shirt included) 
  6. Vouchers or Resada scholarships: We accept both as payment. Vouchers pay $35.00 of the $50.00 and you pay the difference.  
  7. Soccer Season: Mid-April-Late May Soccer Tournament TBD
  8. Practices: Dates/times TBD (coaches are needed) 
  9. Divisions: PreK-k (4+ years) / 1st-3rd/ 4th-6th

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