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Adult Rec

        Adult 3x3 Basketball League: season starts 3.3.2023! 

  • 3x3 Ball
  • 2 Leagues > Men's & Women's 
  • 3 Players min ( max per team 6) 
  •  Registration starts 1.13.23
  • Teams= Each team must have name for scheduling 
  • Officiating=  See rules 
  • Rules= casual  ( see link below)  
  • Schedules= TBD> We will have this posted and send to captains the week before the season starts. 
  • Player Conduct rules: NO verbal and physical abuse will be tolerated at the BC Community Center. (Violators will be dismissed from the League)
  • NOTE: This is a adult league> Please ensure your children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by a adult. For safety reasons we will not allow children to attend games without active supervision. If we feel a situation is unsafe our staff will ask the parent to assume supervision immediately. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 



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